Chickens, Chickens and more Chickens...

It's not always Shawls & Ponchos...
Sometimes it's CHICKENS!

In the middle of October, my Mother came for a visit to sunny, but cold South Carolina. Every year when she comes for a visit we do a "project". Growing up, Mom & I always did craftsy things together... and we still do! I asked her if she'd like to crochet some chickens and that was all it took for us to start making chickens! Mom left about 2 weeks ago and I AM STILL MAKING CHICKENS!

Now I have regular Mabel Chickens ready for their new homes, with or without a nest. AND I started to make BIG Mabel chickens I call Mother Cluckers. Mother Cluckers are about 8 inches long, wide and tall. The smaller chickens are about 5 inches long, wide and tall. AND NOW I have Mother Cluckers with a secret compartment underneath that holds 3 little chicks out of sight. Here are a few examples...

This is Chick Jaggar. She has 3 little chicks hidden inside her in a secret pocket. She measures about 8 inches long, 7 1/2 inches wide and about 7 1/2 inches tall at her pretty little comb. She has embroidered eyes and her chicks have plastic safety eyes. She is very squeezable and soft. Want to make a home for her? Chick Jaggar and all the Mother Cluckers are $30 which includes her 3 little chicks.

Meet Princess Lay-a. She has 3 of the softest cutest little chicks. She is white with a bright red comb and measures about 8 inches long, 7 1/2 inches wide and 7 1/2 inches tall at the top of her comb. She also has a secret pocket underneath that keeps her 3 chicks safe. She has embroidered eyes and so do all of her chicks. May the force be with you and have Princess Lay-a by your side! Message me or comment here if you would like to bring her home. 

This is Henneth Paltrow. She is White with a beautiful red comb and beak. You can adopt her with a nest. She is also about 5 inches tall at the top of her comb, 5 inches long and 4 inches wide. Her adoption fee along with any of the "regular size chickens is $10, or $12 if you'd like to take her home with a nest.

So, it's not always about Shawls and Ponchos... Sometimes it's about CHICKENS! email me if you're interested in bringing one of these Chickens home with you!



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