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This is Definitely a Shawl Y'all! ... Presenting The Carne Shawl

It definitely is a Shawl Y'all! I just finished this beauty last night! I still need to hand wash it and block it, but had to share it with you! This is a beautiful shell stitch using very fine yarn that is actually 4 strands of thread. The yarn color changes gradually from this beautiful deep teal, light teal, grey & teal, dark grey to finally a light grey color. The drape is amazing even without blocking it, and this yarn is soft!!! Every girl should have a nice wrap! Seriously, this is so feminine and will wrap around your shoulders when it's chilly. Perfect for a summer night with a cool breeze. Perfect for a summer wedding. This is 60% cotton with 40% acrylic. It was a joy to make. I'll definitely be making more of these!  This is the Carne Shawl, a pattern by Krisztina of  Kame Crochet . She's a very talented designer with many wonderful designs, which are all on my to be made list! This beauty will be available after I wet finish it! If you're interested

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