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Brrrr Baby, it's cold outside.....

Yes, it's cold outside, but is it that cold? In Connecticut, the temperatures would start to drop in late October. The leaves would start to color the trees and Fall settled in. PERFECT poncho weather! When you need something to cut the chill, but not a heavy winter coat. Now that I live in South Carolina, the weather sometimes confuses me. The other day it was 49 degrees out and so sunny that it felt warm. It's those days a poncho is perfect!                                                                                                                                                        I've been making ponchos for a very long time! Meet the Dreamers Poncho ... my newest design! A variety of stitches that add texture and interest to the design, and make for a nice stylish poncho. I've added nice long fringe to one (because I just love fringe), and left the fringe off the other. Which do you like?!   OMG, the colors in this fringed poncho are amazing! But let me te

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