Fresh Off My Hook!

Fresh off my hook! 3 weeks... 2000 yds... many, many stitches! Oh how I love how this turned out! This was special yarn from Wolltraum called Happy New Year 2024. It was only available for a short time and I ordered a big 2000 yd. cake of it to make this shawl. The cake of yarn is made up of 4 strands of thread and 1 strand of HOT PINK metallic thread. The cake starts out with 4 strands of black thread and the metallic thread and then the color changes with one of the black threads changing to a white thread, then the next color change had 2 blacks and 2 whites along with the hot pink metallic thread. From a distance the color changes look prominent and look black to gray to a silver, but up close you see the colors dazzle you with what they really are. Such a beautiful piece! I was originally going to put fringe on this, but it is stunning without any additions! And it's nice and long without fringe. I posted the reel above on FB. Here are the actual photos...


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