Grannies are square...

Here's the latest finished project! Not a shawl, but a Granny Square Poncho. Granny Squares are making a big comeback this year and I know why... they are fun to make! And they are easy too! This granny square features a daisy center and finished off with a picot edge around the bottom. What do you think? 4 large "granny squares" make up this design and are then stitched together with contrasting yarn. This design can also be made with many different finishes, such as fringe and pom poms! Depending on the height of the person this is for, you can make it shorter or longer by how many rows you crochet to make the square. I'm thinking of making another one of these that is shorter and add fringe to the edge.

And here's the start of it all... the daisy granny square! I think it is so pretty!


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