I feel the earth... Boho Poncho in Earthtones

I just finished this beautiful poncho! Actually it's almost finished... I need to put the final touches on the collar, and then attach fringe! Yes, fringe is going to complete her!

I saw this variegated yarn in earth tones and had to see how it would look as a poncho, and I just love it! How about you?! The stitches in this poncho have a lot of texture and are a perfect match with these colors.

This would be perfect to wear in the Spring as the days are still a little breezy or at the beginning of those colder days in Fall. It is made with an acrylic yarn that will not be too hot on those days that you just need a little something, but not much.

I'll start to put that fringe on later today and will update with a photo of the finished girl! I know she'll even be more lovely with the added fringe.


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