I'm Just Mad about Pompoms!

Most of us in the States are NOT thinking about winter these days, although I have some friends out there who just got blasted with some winter SNOW!, but I couldn't resist playing with this gorgeous yarn that I thought would be perfect for some winter wear! I made this beautiful double thick hat in a yarn called "Dreamery" and it reminds me of freshly fallen snow, you know that beautiful white snow that lays heavy on the trees and just dazzles in the morning sun (until it starts to melt a little and fall off). I found a perfect solid color to match the hat to add a pom pom. But what do you do when you want to launder the hat? Well I decided I'd try making removable pompoms! Yes, just like undoing a bow on a birthday present, you can slip this pompom off and then put your hat in the wash! You'll need a yarn needle to reattach the pompom, but it really is easy peasy. (and I think I'll actually include a yarn needle with purchase! What do you think about that?!)

Of course if you'd rather not have to do that I can always permanently attach it for you.

So, if you're still thinking about winter hats, this beauty is ready and waiting for you! Just email me and let me know! P.S.. I actually have a gorgeous matching pompom scarf available too!

More yarn adventures to come... Suzanne


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