Olive is the new green...

I know it's Spring and soon it will be summer, but I just couldn't help myself when I saw this gorgeous olive green yarn! I was imagining myself wrapping myself up in it on a chilly Fall day... and so I had to make something with it!

This yarn is a gorgeous olive green with a slight sheen to it that just makes that color pop. It's a bulky weight yarn, which would make it perfect for a Fall or Winter shawl or poncho. I decided to make a shawl. It is turning out just the way I anticipated it would! The color compliments the simple design of the shawl. Texture in the design, but not overdone. And the feel of the yarn is this wonderful subtle soft texture with a heft to it that makes you know it's there, but does not overpower you. It's wonderful to work with to, as it just glides on my hook.

What yarn is this?! This is a yarn by Lion Brand called Color Made Easy and I am in love with it! It is a premier yarn, meaning that it costs more, but when you buy something handmade it is special, so why not make it with a special yarn!

This beauty should be done early next week and available for purchase! Come back to see her!

Happy hooking... Suzanne


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