Cowls are The New Scarves...

 Maybe you want just a little something to keep those drafts off your neck?... maybe you want something cute & sexy to wear underneath a jacket that's not bulky? Well, these Cowl Bandana's are the answer! !

A lightweight ribbed cowl with an attached bandana that looks great (aka sexy) under a jacket or forget the jacket for a beautiful boho look! Lots of fringe adds to the look and looks fabulous!

These beauties are fresh off my hook! Made with beautiful soft yarn, and long 12 inch fringe either one of these is the statement piece you need!

Nature Girl Bohemian is made with a black cream white and grey color pallett and accented with a deep black for the cowl and fringe.  $38 plus shipping...SOLD

Red Bohemian Mustang is made with a gorgeous red marbled with subtle flecks of black with a deep black for the cowl and fringe. $44 plus shipping

Red Bohemian Mustange is still available (before I whisk them off to my next show). Make one of these yours! Email me @


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