Getting Back to Nature... with a little Sass!

Beautiful earth tones set off with a black border and (LOTS OF) black fringe! This shawl is called Nature Girl with a little Sass because it has all those beautiful earthy colors, but with a little bit of sophistication thrown in with that sexy black border and all that hand tied fringe! It's pretty dense too and will be warm. It's approximately 76 inches by 42 inches and is looking for a home with a gal who craves attention, because that's what you'll get when you wear this! I am just so happy with the way this shawl turned out!

In the photographs you get to see the beautiful subtle color changes of this premium yarn. Not only are the colors beautiful, but the yarn is soft.

Bottom photo is of me holding the shawl outstretched. For height comparison, I'm a shorty, at 5'3". Lots of ways to wear this beauty! It is simply gorgeous!

Email me @ to learn how you can make this shawl YOURS!


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