Wrap Yourself in the Beauty of Elsa

WRAP YOURSELF IN ELSA... I don't know about you, but I love the Disney movie Frozen! I love Elsa too! The movie is just one of those beautiful Disney productions, with wonderful songs and characters... and here is a shawl I made just for us Elsa fans! It's called the Elsa Shawl...

She is beautiful, lightweight and SPARKLEY! Just as if there were tiny ice crystals sprinkled all over her. In the sun she just dazzles... And in Elsa's colors too! She measures about 52 inches across and about 29" long.

I've sold a few of these shawls to Mother's of little girls too. The top of the shawl can be folded down to make it a bit shorter to fit on little girl shoulders, and it will be something she can grow with too.

If you love Frozen, you will love this shawl! You will also love this shawl if blue is your color with beautiful gradients of blue ending in white around the neck. I put little accent beads on the ends of tassels that look like little snowballs too!

Fall in love with the Elsa Shawl and sparkle your day away...

The Elsa Shawl is $40. If you are interested in claiming her for your own, email me @ suzyyester@gmail.com.


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