How are Y'all doing?! Virus shawls during the virus...

It's been a crazy few months with the Pandemic, self isoloation and staying as safe as we can. How have Y'all been coping with all this?! I hope you are all doing well. Will we ever be able to say things are back to normal? Maybe a new normal...

All my shows were canceled for the year so far. I was busy getting ready for April's Spring Fling in Easley, SC, when things started to get crazy. I put my hooks down for a little while and started trying to find the necessities that we needed that were in short supply. Never in my life did I think it would be hard to find TP! 

I got out the ol' sewing machine and started making masks for family and friends...

But then things started to become "normal". The new normal and I turned my energies back to something I love... crocheting.

So, here's some of the current projects that are in various stages of "almost done". 3 of these will be beautiful shawls in a pattern called the Virus Stitch., and one shawl on the far right is a pattern called Granny meets Virus. I think the patterns are gorgeous. And 3 of these, the purple ones and the green and pink one, are made with a lacey yarn that makes for a absolutely beautiful drape. Very light, but some umph with it. 

With no shows until one (hopefully) in October, I've been playing around with the idea of an Etsy shop. What do you think? In the meantime, when these are finished I will post them here and you can email me if you would like any of them to go to your house! 

Until then... stay safe!


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