Blues, Purple, Teals... are the color of my true loves eyes!

Hot off my hook is this beautiful Boomerang Shawl in soothing purples, teal and greys. When layed out it resembles a boomerang because I begin crocheting on one end and add more and more rows until it is flared out at the other end. I'll get a photograph of that in the morning when I can lay it out with the sun for lighting.

This is made with a cotton blend, so it will be perfect for the warmer weather, when you want to put something over your shoulders to cover up a little, or if there is a summer breeze that is just a little too cool.

Measuring over 69 inches from end to end, this is a beautiful shawl wrapped around your shoulders or can be worn as a scarf wrapped multiple times around your neck.

I am so happy with how this beauty turned out! It is so pretty!... and it is available! Message me to find out how this can come home to you!


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