It's Fall Y'all? What are you wearing?

 It's almost Fall. The weather here in South Carolina is still hot, but soon the nights will be cooler and we'll be thinking sweaters and things to get cozy in. 

Well, I have the answer to cozy right here! Pocket Shawls! Yes, a nice wrap that covers your shoulders and  has these great pockets that you can use to warm your hands, carry your paperback book, tissues, a snack... Here's a few that I just made the past few weeks...

This is a beautiful shawl made with this soft cream, white and silver gray yarn and lots of cool fringe! Now this is lying cozy around the neck, but you can wrap it just around your shoulders too, to take the chill off of those cooler nights.

This is gorgeous! The yarn is these beautiful shades of purple, reds, blues and greens. No fringe on this one yet, so you can see how it looks without fringe. I tend to fringe everything (I LOVE fringe!) But not everyone loves fringe, so all my pieces can be made without fringe.

This beauty just came off my hook this morning! This yarn is gorgeous in perfect Fall colors!! Look at that beautiful shell stitch that drapes around your shoulders! And the pocket is a fun sunflower! Wooden beads with tassels accent the bottom of the scarf. Thought I would try tassels instead of fringe and I think it works nicely. This stitch is dense and makes for a warmer wrap. 

All these are available to make them YOURS! Email me @ to find out how!

Get ready for Fall with one of my gorgeous pocket shawls! 


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